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The better the quality of your artwork, the better quality tattoo image you will receive. Our preferred method is to receive your artwork electronically via e-mail in one of the following formats (listed from ``most preferred'' to ``least preferred''.) :

(.TIF), (.PSP), (.PSD), (.EPS), (.AI)
(.JPG) (use the minimum amount of compression for best image quality),
(.GIF) (use the minimum amount of compression for best image quality),


NOTE : Use .JPG or .GIF formats only as a last resort, due to their image quality loss when reproducing on paper. Use these formats only if you have no other choice.

The graphic should be at least 600dpi or greater (300dpi is the minimum which will still reproduce well) for the size of the image you are producing (e.g. if you want a 2'' x 2'' logo, the graphic should be 600dpi at  2'' x 2'' but no less than 300dpi at 2'' x 2'')

We use a PC for our graphic service. If your using a Macintosh, please save files in IBM format if prompted. If your design has fonts that are not embedded in your file, please send us the font file as well. Scanned images should be supplied at 300 dpi.

Don't have an Electronic Image ? : No Problem ! If you do not have an acceptable electronic image, we can also scan your image at no additional cost to you. After completing the order forms, mail your artwork (should be clean and clear, preferably ``photo ready'') to us at our e-mail :

Phone : (M) +91-98243 46450