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A Temporary Tattoos are Printed with Safe, Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic Inks on a paper. This inks result in slightly more subtle colors then regular CMYK (process) color. A paper backing, non-toxic glue & clear plastic cover.

Made-to-Order Temporary Tattoos : Intended primarily for those who wish to have their art work, Business Logos, School Logos etc... made into temporary tattoos.

Our tattoos are made with only Non-Toxic Ink. They look like real tattoos, but are applied with water and last 4-7 days, depending on skin type. They will last  through swimming or showers, but are easily removed with baby oil, Nail remover or rubbing alcohol.

Temporary tattoos are enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages and from all walks of life.

We can put YOUR OWN DESIGNS on a temporary tattoo ! Use for an affordable giveaway, promotion, company event, fund raisers (Gigantic mark up for resale), product inserts special events, school teams, promotion firms, Advertising agencies, magazines, water parks, theme parks. Even for weddings or bachelor parties ! It's quick, easy and inexpensive ! Just about any picture or image can be a temporary tattoo - even photographs !

We are the Better temporary tattoos manufacturer.

We have the absolute lowest prices and best quality.

More information please contact our information division person.
E-mail : dn502@hotmail.com

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